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"My mom is 102 years old. Her nurse is the best would nurse in the universe. One day the doctor came to visit my mother, he looked at the bandages on my mother's feet and he said, 'whoever did this had done an excellent job'. That's what my mother's nurse always does -an excellent job. She is always loving and kind." - Ms. Eugenia, Chicago, IL

"My nurse is wonderful. We love her so much. The staff is very gracious and on top of everything that I request." - Ms. Olivia, South Holland, IL

"I was was very satisfied with the service. I would love to have them back again." - Mildred, Midlothian, IL

"We did not have any problem the way they present themselves. Excellent professionalism of nurses and therapists." - Frank, Oak Forest, IL

"Your nurse and aide are exeptional and your choice of therapists are very good." -Anonymous